I’ve designated this as People Week at Small Town Nebraska. It won’t be an all inclusive discussion of all important people in our life but merely a sampling related to a few of our current events. (Meaning: you shouldn’t take it personally if you’re not mentioned) I just have enough things related to people to blog about that I can call it People Week.

People Point 1: I blog because I like it and it gives me a mission. At the same time, it was a bright spot in my week when I found the list of people who subscribe to my blog through their email. (See the right side column under “email subscription” if you’re interested.) It’s nice to know people are reading, and for some reason I had never before looked at that list. The brightest part of it all was that my brother was on the list! (Sister, don’t feel like you need to subscribe. I know you read regularly.)

People Point 2: People are one of the main things that really matter in life. I get asked how I’m dealing with small town life. I thank God that as a whole I’m doing just fine. The surroundings of where I live don’t discourage me. The inconveniences of living in a town without a park, clothing store or a grocery store pale compared to the heartache that can exist when you’re living far away from some of the people you love and enjoy. As I’m sure many of you know, that heartache can be felt no matter where you live.

Thankfully we still get to see some of those people and have a great time when we do. To make this post more interesting, here are a few pictures from a recent trip.

Thankfully special friends come and visit and we have special people in our lives here too. That’s what I’ll post on this coming week.

People Point 3: Happy Father’s Day! I’ve been blessed with a wonderful father, and for that I am so thankful.


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