I don’t know that I learned a lot in grad. school, but I gained a generous friend.

Keri took a long road trip with her two adorable boys to come visit us. As if driving a long way to see us wasn’t enough of a treat, she brought Eileen’s cookies and even talked me into letting her buy supper. She’s a friend that makes me want to be a better and more generous friend. After she left I kept thinking of all she’d done for me and felt like I’d done nothing in return.

If you’re wondering what you might do when you visit a town with less than 150 people, I’ll recap what we did.

To help break up their trip and give us something interesting to do, Elliana, Wyatt, our friend Meredith and I met the travelers at Cody Park. We checked out the trains, playground, animals and cheap ice cream cones. We would’ve liked to enjoy some rides, but apparently they don’t open until 5 on weekdays.

Keri as I’m taking this picture: “You’re not going to put me on the blog, are you?”

The evening included trampoline jumping, answering some of Keri’s farming questions, getting the kids to bed, and a walk after dark for Keri and I. The next morning, after Elliana and Miles pretended to get married, we took a walk to check on the firemen washing the fire trucks.

That’s Brad. He can’t look crabby if I take a picture of this side of him.

Then we decided the weather wasn’t right for water activities, so we braved the extreme wind and went for more trampoline time.

I’d say a good time was had by all.

If you’d like to see what’s been going on in our farming world this week, you can see what we did with some other friendly people right here.

Finally, to close out this People Week, you should watch our friends’ little boy singing in the tractor. It’s good for a laugh. 


2 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. Can’t believe Tobin made your blog! Sounds like your having a good summer and at least you have some good friends…..unlike us….that have come to visit! We will have to let you know if we head out to Colorado this summer (there has been some discussion) and we could stop on our way!!!


    • Just because you haven’t been to see this little spot in the world doesn’t mean you’re not good friends. If you do head to Colorado though please do stop if you can! We could find something to do that would help your kids burn some energy for the rest of the trip.


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