Farming on the 5’s

Brad started his day by taking his hobby tractor back to its typical resting spot. It had been moved from that spot because he drove it through the village parade this weekend.

Johnny Popper in a Parade

My sign making abilities are reminiscent of 8th grade science fair; therefore, I edited the sign on the tractor.

After that, he loaded the wheat from the grain cart onto his truck and took it to the elevator. His brother wasn’t cutting wheat yet, which gave Brad time to get some electrical work done an hour away.

When he got back from that, they still weren’t ready for him in the field. He kept busy by hauling the fertilizer pump to the pivot and started pumping 1,000 gallons of nitrogen onto the field through the pivot.

Then it was back to wheat harvest. It takes longer to get a trailer load of wheat compared to corn, the elevator closes at 7 o’clock, and they don’t store wheat in the bins; all that means he only hauled two loads and came home a little after 7.

Loading Semi with Wheat

This picture isn’t from today, but I thought you might like to see it anyway. I’ll post more wheat harvest pictures another day.

After a brownie with ice cream and an episode of Alias, he headed out at 10 to go check the pivot. Since it’s pumping fertilizer he figured he should make sure it’s going how it’s supposed to go.

That’s what my farmer did on this day ending in five. What did your farmer do?

Did he pray for rain like we did?

Nebraska weather forecast

Forecast for this week as of this morning


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