Farming on the 5’s

I’m bullet pointing and sentence fragmenting Brad’s day today for you. I’m feeling too lazy to make paragraphs, but I will tell you more than the farming part of his day because parts of his day because it’s life in a small town.

Today Brad…

  • Checked the rain gauge at our house – The last time we had measurable rain was sometime in April or May but last night WE ACTUALLY GOT OVER 2.5 INCHES OF RAIN! God’s the only one who can get credit for that!
  • Made breakfast for us and our lovely company, scrambled farm eggs and sausage to go along with the caramel rolls and bread I bought at the great store not too far away from us
  • Went to the fire station when he heard the fire call but came back because it was a false alarm
  • Checked the rain gauge at his dry land field – over an inch! I sent the camera along so he get pictures of the corn, but the memory card filled up after he took this picture:

    Considering this may be the first time this corn has had rain, it doesn’t look too bad.

  • Went back to the fire station to see why the siren had gone off again – he wasn’t needed.
  • Hung out with our company – the joy of being self employed
  • Ate chicken tacos for lunch (Food must be on my brain, since I’m feeling the need to tell you what he ate today.)
  • Hauled two loads of corn for his brother and loaded up the semi for tomorrow
  • Went to fight an actual fire – 3rd times a charm
  • Arrived at supper an hour an a half late – It was a thick and juicy New York strip supper with his family since the sister is back visiting for the week. With all the brothers and his dad fighting the fire, Brad wasn’t the only one who arrived an hour and a half after the original planned supper time and no one was complaining about it.
  • Now he’s fast asleep and I’m soon to follow.



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