Dry Land vs Irrigated Corn

As promised, I have recent pictures of our corn. So you can stay as up to date as possible on this corn, I’m showing it to you today and making you wait to hear about our latest visitors.

I would like to go into detail about some of the major differences between dry land and irrigated corn but Brad isn’t here right now to answer my questions. For now I’ll just state the obvious difference – the one is watered by man and by rain (if it rains) and the other relies on rain – and show the pictures.

I’ll start with the dry land corn. Brad went to check the rain gauge at the field (It had another inch of rain!) yesterday and took these pictures. He was by himself, so we don’t have the person reference point for how tall the corn is. Sorry.

Between the Rows of Dry Land CornIn contrast, the irrigated corn is much taller, doesn’t have wheat stubble between the rows, is already canopied, and is starting to tassel. They look like they’re different shades of green but that is only because of a different setting on the camera.

Knee High by the 7th of July

“Knee High” by the 7th of July

Tall Corn

Corn Canopy

The corn canopy keeps weeds away and the moisture in.

Corn Starting to Tassel

Just starting to tassel

Getting Ready to Tassel

The leaves sticking straight up are probably the leaves with the tassels in them.

Volunteer Corn

Brad stepped on these volunteer plants. They don’t produce and just take water from the other corn. He speculated they were from an ear that got left on the ground last year.

A visual explanation of why we didn’t take a cute picture of our kids next to the corn


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