Farming on the Fives

I’m writing this before the 15th has happened, but I think I can give you an educated guess on what farming Brad will do on this day ending in 5.

The corn in his pivot needs a little more fertilizer according to our agronomist (one of the brothers), so before Brad goes to church, hopefully before he gets ready for church actually, he’s going to go to the pivot and start the fertilizer pump. He hauled the fertilizer out there a couple of days ago, so all he’ll have to do is get it started.

My mom actually rode along on the adventure of hauling the fertilizer to the field. She took this picture of the fertilizer tank at the pivot point.

After Brad starts it up today like he speculated that he’s going to do, that fertilizer will be delivered to the corn along with water by the pivot.

Irrigation Pivot PointCenter PivotIf he does any farming other than that, I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as possible.

Is your farmer going to do any farming this Sunday?


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