The other day I went out of my way to get you pictures of some corn that had been damaged by drifting chemical. Here’s proof that I went out of my way.
Off RoadingI didn’t see what I thought I would see, so I just took a picture of the road I took to find it and some beans getting watered.

Irrigated Beans On that same country tour,  I took another picture of the corn where Brad forgot to turn the fertilizer on when he was planting.

Corn Field ProblemsAs you can see, the spot that missed the fertilizer is still smaller and not the same color as the corn around it. What is also interesting in that picture is that part of the field is tasseling and part isn’t. I asked Brad why via email, (I didn’t want to forget to ask when I saw him in person.) and he responded, “Planted same day, different variety of corn.  Good observation!”

Thank you Brad! Observation must be one of my strengths.


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