My Helpful Mom

Sorry about the terrible shadows.

My wonderful mom came and spent a few days with us last week. She helped us the entire time.

It started with helping us load up everything we’d didn’t move a year ago. Then she helped us unload it too. She helped get the kids to bed, helped water the flowers, helped pick beans, helped cook and bake, helped with the kids some more, helped remind me to be strong, helped remind me we needed to go check the dripper on the pivot, etc. She must have been exhausted by the time she went home, but we’d obviously take her back for a visit any day. Considering all she did while she was here this time, I need to make more time to relax when she comes back!

To top it all off, on her birthday, she walked in the heat down the pivot road where no breeze blows

Walking the Pivot Road

to check the dripper on the pivot. I don’t have a full understanding of what it is or the point of checking it, but it was dripping appropriately.

Checking the dripper

I went along, but Brad had shown Mom what to do the previous day.  I was basically just along for the sweaty walk up the pivot road and to take a few pictures.

Tasseling Corn Mid JulyCorn SilksThanks for all of your help Mom!


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