1. Have you tried White Whole Wheat flour? A friend said it didn’t taste much different than regular flour, so we tried it and she wasn’t lying.

2. We had some special friends come by on their way to Colorado. They are the fun people who organized the luau last summer. They helped us eat some of my peppers. I feel bad I didn’t get a picture of them, but I couldn’t help but feel like a grandma if I asked them to pose for a picture. I should’ve dealt with that image issue and taken their picture because they’re cute people. It would’ve made you smile like they did us.

3. Did you know Kearney has a fun, free, splash park? I didn’t until last month. Nice place. It has swans and swan paddle boats too.

4. It’s fair season. We’ve been to two county fairs and will at least hit one more if my guess is right. In Lincoln, we barely made it to the fair that was two miles away. Now we’ll drive at least 40 miles for some action.

5. I’m in preserve mode. I now have carrots, beans, tomatoes and peppers that I’m trying to figure out how not to waste. It would’ve been smart to stagger the carrot planting.


4 thoughts on “5

    • Good thing I didn’t ask then. I would’ve really felt like my grandma if you looked at me with dread when I asked. Hope you had a great time in Colorado! Thanks for stopping by on your way there.


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