Wasted Worry

Originally I was really concerned about what we would do here all summer without all the things we had to do in Lincoln during the summer. All that worry was wasted because we survived the summer well. It was nice to not have an activity delegated to every morning. Plus we traveled, spent a week in Lincoln; and we had some fun outings, visitors, the garden, the tank of a pool,

and Meredith (a.k.a. Merefif).

What a God send! Not only did God help me survive the summer, He knew how to help me have a good summer. Instead of looking at a week and thinking we had Monday and Tuesday with nothing to do, I thought “Monday and Tuesday Meredith will be here!” It’s amazing how much better a day with two preschoolers can go when you have an 11 year old to help, to talk to and join in the fun. She was a great help, and she made days much more fun!

If you’re worried about how to survive your summer with little people or something of similar nature, maybe God will send you an 11 year old. Just don’t even think about asking Him for Meredith.


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