Farming on the 5’s

I’m sure Brad was out the door by 6:30. Yes, it’s a Saturday. He did come home at 4, so that was a perk. He also had an interesting day, so that’s an extra perk.

He’s been helping out his oldest brother (B1) quite a bit these days, and today was no different. B1 picked him up, and they went to two pivots that had stopped over night. Brad stayed at the pivot point and pushed buttons to make it stop or go while B1 dug out the tires that were stuck.

After that they helped their dad load old tires. They collect them near here once a year, and today was the day. Brad thinks they loaded about 30 tires, included eight big tractor tires. We just contributed to the playground flooring or whatever else people have found to do with old tires.

Then another pivot needed to be helped along. This time Brad with with B1’s wife (BW1), so he was a gentleman and dug while she pushed buttons.

This next task requires some explanation. A semi had been partly loaded with “dirty wheat” yesterday. When they drill wheat, they use the wheat they picked in July as seed. To use it they have someone come to clean it first. It would take too long to have only the chaff go one way and only the wheat go another, so they set the device to have some of the wheat go out with the chaff. This is the dirty wheat. They got all the seed they needed and some wheat was still left in the bin. Brad ran the tail sweep and finished filling up the semi that had the dirty wheat in it. (All that explanation for that last sentence.)

After that he went back with BW1 to one of the first pivots he was this morning. He asked Elliana if she wanted to go with him to push buttons, but she didn’t want to today. She told me, “He’ll be okay.” I guess it’s nice she doesn’t feel obligated to help.

When he got back from that he spent a couple hours working doing “miscellaneous repairs” on the tractor he’ll be using to drill wheat.

Talk about variety in a work day.

This evening Brad explained corn milk lines to me (a post for another day) and started on our lunch for tomorrow.

BrisketIf that doesn’t make you want to come visit, then you must not be into eating red meat.

He mowed,

and now we’re enjoying some fabulous Husker volleyball! Just reading the words “Husker volleyball” should make you smile. If you’re in Nebraska, they play again Sunday on NET.


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