Volunteer Fireman

He left before 1:00pm, right before the Husker game that he was going to enjoy from his living room. He came back at 1:45am. He was one of six from our fire department that went to the fire, which was one of 47 different departments that responded. The majority of those firemen didn’t get paid for their time. Most of them are self employed, so they’re losing money by not being at their job, and they’re not with their families.

I had to get a picture of how he looked but was too out of it to hunt for the real camera or to turn on the bathroom lights all the way. You can kind of get the idea.
Vounteer FiremanGrass fires in a severe drought are awful. Really any fire in a severe drought is awful. The fire Brad spent his entire afternoon and evening at Saturday was a very small fire compared to the ones in northern Nebraska in July and the ones happening now near Chadron.

Small town Nebraska residents are very thankful for their volunteer firemen; and although we’ve almost given up on it, we are still in desperate need of rain.


3 thoughts on “Volunteer Fireman

  1. Tell Brad – Thanks – even though I don’t live out there (not that I wouldn’t love to). I appreciate his dedication and faithfulness – even when it’s hard (and means giving up watching THE GAME!!) It means a LOT to know there are young men like him still in our country…doing what is right no matter the cost to them personally. 🙂 Give him a hug for me too. Love you, Joy


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