Digging Out a Pivot

It was Brad’s idea to have all of us go out to get the pivot unstuck. He thought it would be good blog material. I love it when he thinks like that.

While we were on our way to the field, Elliana tried to figure out how we were all going to fit on the 4-wheeler and made seating assignments. I was assigned to the back.We 4-wheeled it to the pivot point, which due to the deep wheel tracks is a speedy experience in itself. Once we got there, Elliana got a quick refresher course on how to turn the knob to “F” [forward], “R” [reverse], or straight up [stopped]; and Brad looked to see where the pivot was stuck by looking to see where it was out of alignment.

We demonstrated our fabulous parenting skills and left the kids there while we went to find the guilty tire. Brad thought it was the third one out, so we drove the 4-wheeler back three tire tracks on the pivot road, then took off walking along the wheel track to find the tires.

Pivot Wheel TracksDeep Pivot Wheel TracksTurns out they weren’t the ones stuck. Brad went up for a look again,

and we took off through the corn to the fifth set of wheels. Brad carried the shovel, and I carried the camera.

Even though it had bigger tires, the fifth tower was the stuck tower. Brad had Elliana put it on “R” and then stop it, he dug so the tire would have more of a slope to climb, had Elliana put it on “F” and we were on our way back through the corn.

Two way radio in the Corn

Can you see the two way radio and how it is attached to the corn stalk?

Stuck Pivot TireDigging out a Pivot TireBrad said it would be faster just to walk straight through the corn across the rows to get back to the 4-wheeler than to walk along the rows. I tried, but he still made it to the kids and back before I finally emerged from the corn.

Rows of corn

Straight through the corn option

Corn Rows

Along the row option

Either way, long sleeves and pants are the best options for clothing.

Getting this pivot unstuck wasn’t very hard. Brad said it was more like the beginning of the season. Because they have had to run the pivots almost non-stop this year the wheel tracks are getting so deep that the green base beam shown in the following picture gets to point where it’s actually resting on the dirt. That makes for a lot more digging.

Pivot Gear Box


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