A Fall Walk

Dry Fall Corn

Little Red Truck

I think this must be Little Blue Truck‘s brother or cousin or something.

Sandy RoadFallCountry Road

Summer Fallow, Wheat Stubble, Corn

Summer Fallow, Wheat Stubble, Corn


2 thoughts on “A Fall Walk

  1. Your photos are great! This reminds me of a Praise Walk. Take a walk outside with your kids and look for things that you are thankful for. I can just imagine the photo op! Brad, your kids, that big beautiful world you live in. One thing I like to do on a Praise Walk is the ABCs of Worship. Begin worshipping God with a word that starts with A. “God, You are the Almighty One.” Then B, “You are bountiful!” Then, C. “My Creator and Confidant. Praise be Your Name!” And so it goes. I’ve made a great big list of ABCs for praise. The idea is found in Satisfy My Thirsty Soul, by Linda Dillow. It is a wonderful book and Bible Study on experiencing God in worship.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. Autumn Blessings!


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