Farmers’ Wives Thoughts on Harvest

Thank you to everyone who took my survey. I loved reading your responses!

Today I’ll share with you the responses of the farmers’ wives to the main question of the survey and their other thoughts on harvest. Take time to read these because they are very interesting! Most are shockingly similar, and I promise I didn’t try to make it that way.

First thought when you heard/read “Harvest:

-Ugg – (That is my initial response too!)
-Work, food, and anticipation!
-My mind is a flood with different things – 1st-dead corn, 2nd-long, 3rd-lonely

Now for those same women’s other thoughts on harvest:

-I really do like harvest. The weather is my favorite time of year. I love the smell and colors. We all enjoy getting to go to the field the couple of times it actually happens. It is also fun to see how God provides. However, it brings a sense of panic and dread. This will be our 3rd harvest, and I must say the first 2 were rough.
-Nervous anticipation this year, and some sadness. It was one year ago that we lost Grandma unexpectedly on the first day of harvest. Harvest doesn’t mean just bringing in the crops, but also bringing in the herds and weaning.
-beautiful colors, picking the garden’s last bounty, smell of cut corn stocks, loneliness
-I really love harvest. Sometimes all the work to get done is kind of overwhelming!
-I really shouldn’t think so negative toward harvest because this is my
husband’s favorite time of year!
-It’s a time of driving many miles daily and of thanking God (daily) for His protecting hand. It’s the season when we breathe a sigh of relief for all the acres that were overlooked by hail.
-I love it and hate it :). I love the smells, the weather, time of year, and excitement of it all, but I hate being a single parent.

I should write something beautifully encouraging now, but instead I’ll leave you with the words of a farmer who responded to the survey. He wrote, “While farm wives in general hate harvest (not that they don’t enjoy parts of it) because they don’t get to see their husbands once, imagine being a military wife next time you think about him not being home.”

Thank you for your words of wisdom Justin.


3 thoughts on “Farmers’ Wives Thoughts on Harvest

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  2. That’s exactly how I put it in perspective….I can’t imagine being a military family and Daniel be gone for a year and not knowing where he is…..I also try to use this time and count my blessing to how much he is actually missed because of how much he is an actual presence when he here! Thanks for the fun surveys, it is also nice to know I’m not the only one ready for Harvest to be done.


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