Harvest Thoughts

Before I share all the other interesting thoughts on harvest, I need to let you know the thoughts in the previous post were all from Nebraska farmers’ wives and many of them have young children. The farmer wives with teenagers in Oregon might have completely different thoughts.

Now I present to you all the other fabulous responders’ first thoughts on harvest. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and you will too.

-Corn (Brad’s answer and 2 others)
-Fruit of labor/fulfillment of a long season
-Corn, Golden color, Combines
-Picking Corn, Combines, Tractors, Busy Farmers, My dad unavailable to babysit
-Grain, because of your heading picture. But otherwise it’d probably be either Missions-related, or the 80’s Christian rock band.
-Wheat harvest – hot summer in western Nebraska – VENANGO to be exact.
-My grandpas John Deere tractor, the smell of turkey in the oven, gravel roads, visiting grandparents in Laurel
-Excitement! It’s a time to see the fruits of your labor. This term could be used literally as in farming or also figuratively as in planting seeds in new relationships, etc.
-Busy. Seems that this time of the year is when the farmers are the busiest.
-Fall (x2)
-Fall, crops getting harvested. My second thought is the Harvest of Christ
-Long hours
-Fall, combines, beautiful colors, thankfulness
-My favorite Yankee Candle scent… and FALL in the Midwest
-Long days working at the grain elevator
-Orange, Pumpkins

Don’t stop reading now. The answers to “any other thoughts on harvest” are just as good or better. I especially love the memories people shared.

-It always makes me think of fall, pumpkins, warm drinks, family get togethers, Thanksgiving, warm days with cool winds and football.
-Love this time of year-cooler weather and just the thankfulness that another year of crops is being brought in-even in a dry year like this one.
-I liked when friends came to help cut silage. We had to make lunches. Loved the smell of new harvested silage (That’s from my mom!)
-I guess the main theme of all of the various uses is seeing rewards after a combination of hard work and patience. Okay, all the uses except the Christian rock band. Though they probably worked hard and were patient too.
-Watching my grandma fix lunch (meaning a snack to tide them over) to take to the field OR have at home if the men happened to be “in” at that time – dried beef or summer sausage sandwiches OR both – home made lemonade – squeezed while I watched – Or iced tea that she brewed with tea leaves and a strainer – SO SO good!! And always some type of sweet – cookies or bars…Oh how I loved to be at my Grandparents for harvest – we got to stay for the whole 2 weeks or whatever it called for – my Grandpa would spoil us by buying a case of 7-up and a big box of Hershey bars – we never got pop or candy at home – so it was a fabulous treat – also Grandma would take one of us to the grocery store with her each time she went and let us pick something special – I always picked pop-sickles – another thing we’d never get at home.
-It just reminds me of farm life, visiting my grandparents’ farm
-Even though we are not currently & directly involved in farming/harvesting this year, I still feel the excitement for those who are. It’s a time of hard work and hopefully, reward!
-Afterward, the landscape is kind of drab and ugly.
-I remember riding in the combine with my Grandpa and he went back for 1 stalk of corn on a row he missed. I think that is how God is like with people who don’t know him. He would have been willing to die for just 1.
-As a farmers daughter late nights and corn husks flying around. Sometimes a crabby daddy.
-I wonder if harvest in NE is as bad as deer season in WI?!
-Wheat…beautiful wheat fields.
-Love this time of year!
-corn, cooler weather, good thoughts of home, hard work, my family. I wish I could be there. I wish my dad had taught me how. I wish I could help every year. The smells, the dust, the grain truck, my legally blind grandpa taught me how to drive, how to let up on the clutch, to hit it just right. Driving to the Coop. I would love to take meals to the guys.

-I think of long hours in the field after long months of preparation and prayer. After the work is done, it’s important to celebrate the bounty. It’s also important to give thanks to the Lord of the Harvest. I even like to thank the farmers. Thank you, Brad!
My dad worked at the grain elevator and I helped in the summer during wheat harvest. So I always think of working there and all the trucks that drive through in a day. That and working long days 7:30am-10:00pm for a week or two straight.
-long days for farmers and their families

If all those great responses made you think of something you’d like to share about harvest, please feel free to leave a comment!


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