Harvest Food

During the “busy” seasons of farming like harvest and planting, the kids and I tend to eat without Brad. If we wait for him, we’d likely be eating supper at bed time. I like bed time, the kids need bed time, and I don’t eating supper when it’s my bed time snack time. We eat pretty simple usually (e.g., quesadillas, scrambled eggs, peanut butter sandwiches). I don’t see the need to make something “unsimple” the kids might not eat; and by the time Brad gets home, he just wants a meal of ice cream.

I think I’ve taken food to the field maybe twice. The one time I remember I just made quesadillas and wrapped them in foil. All that “taking food to the field” entails is overwhelming to me. You have to think of something to make that they can actually eat in the field and that can be easily transported. You have to pack up all the paper products they might need to eat what you made, unless of course you just wrap quesadillas in foil. You have to figure out where they are and remember the directions for how to get there, which could be quite a few miles away. Then when you arrive at the field, they may or may not be at a point where they can eat what you brought. On top of that you have to feed yourself and the kids too.

Overwhelming. It feels like an area in which I need to mature.

All that is why I asked the food questions in the survey. Here is what the survey said to the questions of what do you eat while your farmer is in the field:

I try to make meals during harvest that will travel well in his Thermos. He also eats some of what we had when he gets home if there wasn’t enough in his lunch. Some currents favorites: Chilli, Quesedilla Casserole & Ham, Cheese, and Potato Casserole
I try to make a big enough batch so we have enough of whatever for us. Basically though I told the guys they could fend for themselves and I would keep our family alive until one or two of the kids are in school. 🙂
We usually all eat the same thing… easier that way
I don’t change my cooking during Harvest except to eat without my husband…food the same….he eats when he gets home at midnight.
Whatever we want!
The same as what goes to the field. Its a simple menu until harvest is done and cattle are worked.
This all depends on my time, energy, what’s in my pantry & what we are hungry for!

Here are a few favorite “take to the field” meals ideas from my survey responders:

I don’t necessarily take him food, but he packs quite the lunch box. (Most of the fields are in locations my van doesn’t like!) He has a Thermos food container that we put a lot of left overs in for a “hot meal”. We’ve also begun to freeze smoothies in plastic freezer jars. They thaw for a mid morning/early lunch snack. They’re great additions to the regular fruit and veggies, trail mix, chips, and sandwiches. Packing a lunch 5 days a week all year takes way more creativity than we seem to have.
Some gals bring an amazing 3 course meal, but I’m not that good! Some things I take are lasagna, hamburgers, sloppy joes or BBQ pork/beef, or cold sandwiches and chips-always bring his favorite candy bars or munchies and something to drink.
Sandwiches, Cinnamon rolls, Scalloped potatoes, Fried chicken, Watermelon, Cookies
Runzas (These actually were mentioned twice!)
Today, it wasn’t my husband I took to but rather my little 3 year old and his papa (my dad). Since I was at my parents house I found stuff for turkey sandwiches, chips & chocolate cupcakes!
Tacos are really good, two tacos in tupperware=yum
I like an ice cold diet coke brought to me when I mow the lawn on a hot summer day. (I hope I can oblige someday Dad!)
BBQ burgers with cheddar cheese!
Anything hot!!! Sandwiches get old fast!:)
I don’t take meals frequently, but I have taken pizza, Subway, ice cream.
Cold sandwiches (chicken salad, ham, Pb& j) hot sandwiches (sloppy joes, grilled chicken with pesto, BBQ, hot roast beef) stromboli, frozen fruit cups, grapes… my husband likes (but doesn’t require) food he can pick up with his hands. Usually lunches are packed; suppers are eaten together at the field.
Crockpot meals-Philly cheesesteaks, Italian sausage and peppers.

Thank you for all your ideas. I will be referring to that list when I attempt to take a meal to the field, and I will attempt to sometime this year. If you have any other ideas please leave a comment. When it comes to meal ideas I need inspiration even when I’m not considering taking food to the field.


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