Farming on the 5’s (The Farmer’s Wife Edition)

When I pulled myself out of bed this morning my plan for the day was to drive to a nearby town to Zumba with friends, followed by a play date, and then I hoped for a productive afternoon at home while the kids took some great naps. That plan changed quickly when Brad texted at 7 letting me know I might be needed to drive the grain cart. Flexibility is the name of the game out here.
Grain CartI still got a fun workout in, and we had an abbreviated play date. Then it was time to hurry to the field. It was reminiscent of my last year experience driving the grain cart, except this time I didn’t overflow the semi and kill the tractor at the same time. Last year I had scribbled directions, and Brad only sat with me once. He must have thought I had a higher level of tractor intelligence than I do.

Today Brad wrote out directions that made more sense to me, and he sat by me and shouted directions (STOP!, pull forward….SLOWLY!, pull up the auger…THE OTHER WAY!, SHUT THE GATE!) every single time I unloaded. I think I’m one or two times away from trying it on my own. Now if I could just open the tractor door to get inside it.

Here’s the back of the last semi I loaded today with only a few directions from Brad.

Semi Loaded with CornI also had a riding buddy today. He may have whiplash since I haven’t mastered letting off of the clutch.

He liked to sit by me when we were driving but had fun on the floor when we were waiting.
I didn’t run into anything, cause corn to be spilled, or spill any corn; but I’m quite insecure with my grain carting ability. See these two farmers talking?

Farmers DiscussingI’m sure they were discussing the plan for what to do next AND discussing my grain cart driving. I was not raised driving a tractor or helping with harvest, and so I don’t have the instinct that I figure normal grain cart drivers have. Junior High students out here can do what I did today without thinking twice about what they’re doing. I’m tense half the time, have to think really hard, and second guess myself often. I’m just sure there are things I’m not doing that the seasoned drivers would do or things I do that make those farmers wonder.

So I’m insecure, but I have handsome boys in my life.

Did you notice the cloudy skies?! It actually snowed at our house today and rained some too! I don’t know if it accumulated to much, but it’s better than the nothing we’ve had for the last who knows how long.

More survey results coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Farming on the 5’s (The Farmer’s Wife Edition)

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ Way to go on the awesome tractor/grain cart driving, too. I have had many a ride in such a rig – but never had to actually drive it. I would be terrified! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is what my dad does for some farmers/friends of his during harvest. He knows the rig well.


  1. You are so far ahead of me when it comes to farm experiences….I have never drove anything ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m pretty sure I would feel just like you….I even feel tense just riding with Daniel because I’m always afraid we will distract him causing him to miss something for mess somethig up! So happy to hear you do Zumba! Happy Harvest!


    • I’m sure you Zumba much better than me, but it is a fun way to exercise. Yesterday a friend let me know that the person driving their grain cart ran into a light pole and tore off the auger. If you ride with Daniel make sure he doesn’t do that!


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