A few people had some questions on the survey that I can easily answer. A couple had some questions I’m not qualified to answer.

I’ll stick with the easy ones.

How much earlier will harvest be than in non-drought years? Brad thinks it’s about three weeks ahead of normal, which means it’s happening during his birthday and not my birthday!

How is your harvest?  We have only been harvesting for three days now, so it’s fine so far. We’ve had no mechanical or emotional breakdowns yet.  As for other farmers in our area, a few are finished, a few are in the middle, and some are like us and just starting.

How many generations of Brad’s family have been farmers? Is there a family farm where memories and love abound? On one side of Brad’s family, his great grandpa moved here to farm and then his great great grandpa followed. Both sets of his grandparents lived close by while he was growing up, and they both farmed.

Brad was raised on a farm. He is one of five children, four boys and a girl. The oldest four were born within a five year span! They have a lot of fun memories from their childhood.

Now all four boys are back here farming. How that works is complicated. They decided around ten years ago to each be their own farm operation, so they don’t share fields. If one “hires” the other to do something for them (i.e., scout crops, haul corn, spray a field, take care of cattle), they pay them for their work or trade services.

How do you stay connected to a farming spouse during long hours, long absence, and long lonely days? I’ve been wondering that myself. I’ve been remembering how Brad felt like just a roommate during planting season this year and wondering if it will feel like that during harvest. I think I’ll designate a post to that question. Readers, start thinking, so you can share some good ideas!

Can we buy oats from you? What is the current price of oats? Sorry, the only oats we have out here are in my cupboard – steel cut, old fashioned and quick oats. We like to have options. I think they run around $4 for the sizes of containers I have.

Are the combines all dirty out there too? I have great pictures for a post on that coming soon! Great question!

For the questions I’m not qualified to answer…

It would be interesting for your readers to understand that within this one state there are SO many acres of corn and also the variance between crop maturity from east to west. So true and even the variance in farming practices. I just don’t know if I really know all the differences! All I really know is that the east end of the state gets more rain and is always ahead of us in planting and harvesting.

You should blog about the variability of different brands of equipment. Were you being sarcastic again Justin? I’d LOVE it if you wrote a post about the variability of different equipment brands. All I know is that John Deere is green and Case is red.

Thanks for your questions! Feel free to ask anytime!


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