Important Information

1. If you’re in Nebraska and want to vote with an absentee ballot, you need to request to do so today. The Nebraska Secretary of State site has where to send your request and a request form to complete. We did this and now have our ballots sitting on the counter. That will save us from driving 40 miles on election day to vote and from being surprised at what’s on the ballot when we show up to vote.

2. Our pastor’s wife shared a great reminder today for mothers. It’s worth a quick glance. The article it links to is actually a great reminder as well, especially since I feel like I’m currently drowning in everything I feel like I need to be doing as a mother.

3. Not in the important information category but I’m tempted to try the Citrus Zinger. I like water better with lemon. What do you think?

I’m drowning and tired so I must stop there.

A little more harvest talk is coming soon. Even if half the state is done harvesting, we’re not; so I’ll keep typing about it.


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