Wind and Fire

We had some great visitors this week, my sweet nephew and my mom. The day they got here was beautiful out and we made sure they got in a quick tractor ride.

Then there was yesterday. Oh my!

Dust BlizzardWind like most Nebraskans have never experienced. Severe wind in the middle of a severe drought = A Dirt Blizzard. (That’s not a technical weather term as far as I know.) On a cloudless day, we rarely saw the sun and tried to function in the middle of a dirty fog. We don’t know how they managed to live in the 30’s.

Being outside was awful, but we braved it for one more tractor ride for a tractor loving two year old. We were mainly outside just to get in and out of the tractor (or combine for mom and Wyatt) and were blowing dirt out of our noses the rest of the day. It was so horrible out, it wasn’t even fit for picking corn.

Wind like that knocks over corn stalks, so now we hope and pray we can actually pick the corn we haven’t harvested. Today is not one of those happy farming days, but we’re thankful we still have a chance that we might get to pick our corn.

Not far from us several pivots of unpicked corn went up in smoke.

Burned Corn FieldBurned Corn StalksBurn Corn StalkThat same fire burned homes, machinery, buildings and around 10,000 acres. It was moving with the help of the hurricane winds right toward our friends and families’ homes. All kinds of people from all over the area raged an assault on that fire – an army of people were praying, tractors from miles around showed up to disc fields in front of the fire, many many firemen braved the fierce wind – and two hours after it was not contained at all it was contained! With the conditions we had yesterday, that is truly miraculous. Amazing enough to make me almost cry. It was a “sad that we were rejoicing” moment, as some lost so much while we were so thankful it didn’t get to us.

As my Dad quotes, “It is of the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,” which my mind follows up with, “Yea! They are new every morning.”

You never know what you might experience when you visit small town Nebraska. If you do visit, I just hope your experience is more like the two pictures at the top of this post.


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