Wind Damage

What the 60 mph wind gusts did to Brad’s irrigated corn:
Wind Damaged Corn FieldIt would mean more to you if I had a comparison photo, but that will have to wait for next year. Many of the ears blew off the stalks that are still standing and many of the stalks are just not standing anymore. The stalks even look pathetic because the leaves blew right off of them.

Wind Blown Corn StalksFarming is such a strange occupation. With crops you work hard and invest for months and get your one paycheck at harvest. Rightfully so, a lot of emotion is involved with harvest no matter how it goes. If you have the perfect year, you are thrilled. If your corn has had hail damage or been in an October hurricane that causes it to loose yield, you feel sad and/or disappointed. If it burns up, you’re devastated.

We’re in the a little sad and disappointed stage now, which is a perfect reminder to me that I love money too much. I feel bad for Brad because I want him to get the full benefit of the work he put in and for his dad because part of the yield on the field is his, but my real thought is that we lost out on money because of all the corn that won’t make it into the combine. We have multiple other sources of income and we don’t truly need it, but I still want that money. I’d be hesitant to spend it, but I’d be happy to have it.

Wind damaged corn is teaching me a lesson or two that I need reminded of often. The love of money is the root of all evil. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Invest in the eternal and not the things of this earth. God is my Provider. I already have abundantly more than I need.

I suppose I should be thankful for wind damaged corn.


6 thoughts on “Wind Damage

  1. Julie-Great thoughts and posts! Someday these posts will be interesting to reflect on and show your children when they’re older of how God provided in the midst of the drought-how He promises to supply all our need Philip. 4:19. I’m so sorry for the losses the farmers have experienced due to wind and fire; it’s been a difficult year for many farmers. You did a great job with the photos and documenting the damage!


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