Final Harvest Thoughts…

…unless I come up with more shareable thoughts in the next week.

1. Farm talk in these parts is all about how to pick up all the corn that blew over and didn’t get into the combine. A lot of people are considering having someone rake it like you would if you were going to bail hay and then run the combine through the piled up rows.

2. Even with the loss due to wind, corn is still piling up. Note the size of the semi to get perspective on the amount of corn in the picture. Corn Pile3. I hope to have a harvest of pie pumpkins next year. I think I’ll have Brad plant them by his corn, so I don’t have to give up my entire garden to pumpkin vine. The urge I’m having now to preserve pumpkin for the year is overwhelming.

4. Remember that post on tribulus terrestris? I drove through a patch of them with the tractor. Elliana thought I should take a picture. Those things and dirt in my shoes from walking through a field are about enough to make me want to invest in a pair of boots. Goat Heads5.In the past I’ve gotten into a routine during harvest. This year routine has not existed. It’s mostly just felt like chaos with my head in a fog.

6. I unloaded the grain cart into the semi more than once without hitting anything. The first time I did this by myself was when we were unloading by power lines, which was not long after my friend told me their grain cart driver tore off the auger when he hit a power pole. I did come extremely close to the semi a couple of times. I had semi drivers happily volunteering to unload for me after that, but I pressed on in order to master the skill. Next year, I’ll have to relearn it all over again.Grain Cart Unloading7. Here’s a great idea for field food from a friend who shared their fresh from the field Nebraska raised beans. If you can’t read backwards, it says, “You could make burritos for a field supper! :)” Since my head has been in a fog amongst the chaos I haven’t accomplished that yet, but I still think it’s a good idea. I did take thrown together chicken tacos to the harvesters once and picked up pizza when we were in “town” and took it straight to the field. I think that’s one more meal than I did last year. If I keep adding a meal a year, I might be tempted to think I’m something miraculous when I’m 50.

8. I have two great contrasting pictures of fields post harvest. I’ll save them for the next post.


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