I Dared To Call Him Father

Title (link to where you can buy the book, which benefits me nothing): I Dared To Call Him Father – The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman’s Encounter with God
Author: Bilquis Sheikh with Richard H. Schneider
Genre: Autobiography
Excerpt: …”If He wishes, God can easily take care of me in my own house. And no one, no one,” I said, “is going to push me out.” I sat up in my chair, suddenly feeling very dramatic. “Let them come and attack!”
And then, as I sat there feeling so fiercely sure of myslef, something happened. The warm personal Presence of God was gone. I sat, almost in panic, oblivious to the voices rising around me. But just as suddenly I realized what had happened. The old me, full of pride and stubbornness, had taken over….
What I gained from reading it:  I gained an appreciation for how God works in lives to draw people to Him. Bilquis was raised in a prestigious Muslim family. God gave her a loving earthly father; so when she decided to try someone’s suggestion to talk to God as if he was her father, she already had a positive idea of what a father was.
After the author becomes a Christian her sense of God’s presence is amazing as shown in just one example from the excerpt above. It really makes you think about the presence of God in your own life. It made me much more aware of all the thoughts I have that aren’t pleasing to Him and of my need to “quiet down” my head so I can be more aware of His direction.
What I liked: As I’ve said before, I always appreciate reading someone’s testimony of God working in their life. God so worked in Sheikh’s life that she was willing to risk all for him. I liked how I could relate to her in regards to leaving her home. She didn’t want to, but knew it was what God was asking her to do. She says that God brought her out of her homeland yet gave her a feeling of completion.
What I wasn’t sure about: It starts a little slow, but nothing you can’t easily push through reading.
Her encounters with God are miraculous to the point they’re almost hard to believe. What makes them believable is the change she describes in her life and all that she’s willing to risk for the sake of Christ.
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4.4


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