Farming on the 5’s

The day is here again where we tell you about a day in the life of a farmer. My farmer doesn’t have much farming to do this winter. He’s electrifying, but I still have some farm education for you. It’s not nearly as interesting as strawberry farming, but maybe you can feel a little bit smarter because of it.

I present to you a problem with round up ready corn (corn that doesn’t die when sprayed with round up). The problem is that when you want it to die, it doesn’t.

Volunteer CornIt’s not wanted when it voluntarily grows, like in the above picture. Volunteer corn just sucks moisture from the ground and doesn’t produce corn.

I hope you now feel smarter.


2 thoughts on “Farming on the 5’s

    • Elliana is all about earning money today. Maybe next summer that will be a good way for her to save for the $225 toy she wants. I used to get 10 cents for every shirt I ironed, so maybe she could get 10 cents for every corn stalk she chops. 🙂


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