He Can Move Mountains

Ever feel like you’re have a battle raging inside your head and heart? That’s how I’ve been feeling. My battle’s been with fear. Fear about sending my daughter to kindergarten, fear about the economy, fear about the drought, fear about forty years from now…

I know I need to trust, I know worrying isn’t productive, I know God cares. I know a lot, but knowing doesn’t take the fear away. I need a heart change.

In so many ways I need God to show up and work wonders, but it is occurring to me what I need most is for Him to change my heart again and again. He can move mountains, and lately I have many mountains I want Him to move; but the mountain He probably most wants to move is the lack of trust in my heart.

So today I’m thankful. I’m thankful for a God that can show up big and change my heart. I certainly change it myself.


7 thoughts on “He Can Move Mountains

  1. Thought about commenting yesterday on this post – I am learning that for a Christian – Fear is one of Satan’s greatest and most successful weapons…when I’m afraid about something (which believe it or not – at my age I still have a lot of fears off and on) I am too distracted to serve God or even praise Him – so Satan wins…I am making some progress defeating fear but it is really an ongoing learning thing for me. I recall a verse I taught my kids when they were little and afraid of the dark, “What time I am afraid, I WILL trust in Thee.” Psalm 56:3 – while it is a short and reassuring verse that even a child can understand – notice it says I WILL…meaning I have to choose that – so now when fear grips me and makes my stomach go in knots – I try to remember – fear is my own choice – or I can use my WILL to chose a different path – to TRUST in God…so easy to say – so hard to live…but I’m making some progress…Hang in there!! 🙂


    • That is so good it’s worth repeating so I can try to remember it… “Fear is one of Satan’s greatest and most successful weapons…when I’m afraid about something I am too distracted to serve God or even praise Him – so Satan wins.”


  2. I copied that statement, along with the Bible verse and I plan to tape it by my kitchen sink!! (Or maybe my bathroom mirror… or I wonder if I could get wallpaper in that? Just kidding) Thank you, Joy, for sharing!


  3. I don’t know how much “free” time you have but I’m going to put a web-link on here for 3 lessons I listened to by tape many years ago (when Jason was about 5 or so – so 30+ years ago) but have been listening to the radio (Pensacola – http://www.rejoice.org) The teacher’s name is Russell Kelfer – who passed away in 2000 but they still have him on the radio – he’s such a great teacher – anyway – this series on fear is so worthwhile reading – it has helped me so much….so if you ever have time – here are the 3 links….for the series of messages. Well worth reading even printing off to read later……

    Hope this encourages you as much as it has me. 🙂


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