Write Letters Now

I’m debating on what to do about a Christmas letter, if anything at all; but that’s not really the point of this post.

Might I be able to encourage you to write your senator with your thoughts and ideas related to the ‘fiscal cliff‘? Writing politicians is not something I’ve done much in my life; however, after the election and a presentation I heard from a lobbyist, I’m motivated. Writing them was very easy; and although, I had very little wisdom about how to address the fiscal cliff, I did let them know what they’re doing really matters to us and that I’m praying for them.

For Nebraskan’s, Senator Johann has this fiscal cliff contact form, and you can contact Senator Nelson here.

For other state senators, you can easily find contact information here.

Please take a few minutes to write.

While you’re in the writing mode, consider writing a letter for the Holiday Mail for Heroes. Your letter needs to be to Maryland by December 7, so don’t delay.


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