Wyatt has a fascination with hymnals. He likes you to go through them song by song, and you can’t skip a song if you don’t know it. Tonight the words to “Forever” by Effie Smith Ely (born in 1879) caught my attention.

We sigh for human love, from which
a whim or change may sever,
And leave unsought the love of God,
Tho’ God’s love lasts forever.

We seek earth’s peace in things that pass
Like foam upon the river,
While steadfast as the stars on high,
God’s peace abides forever.

Man’s help, for which we long, gives way,
As trees in storm winds quiver,
But mightier than all human need
God’s help remains forever.

Turn unto Thee our wav’ring hearts,
O Thou that failest never;
Give us Thy love and Thy great peace,
And be our Help forever.

We only went from hymns 1-20 tonight. He’s hoping to get to 100, so maybe I’ll find another gem along the way.


4 thoughts on “Forever

  1. I love hymns too – and that’s one I’ve never heard – so good! I’m stealing it for the cards I make. I’ll send you one. šŸ™‚ Thanks Julie


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