Geography Lesson

English: Uganda (orthographic projection) Port...

Uganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a day and a half of traveling involving three different flights, the travelers arrived in Uganda.

From Google Maps

From Google Maps

Brad called when it was 1:45am there. He didn’t sound tired and neither did anyone else I could here in the background. I suppose if I lived in Africa and American’s came to see me, I wouldn’t feel like going to sleep either.

Brad: “Hi there. I’m in Africa!….Is it snowing there?”

Me: “No, but it’s 14 degrees and feels like -1.”

Brad: “Oh, it’s 70 here. Doesn’t go below 60 or above 90.”  [It’s a great time of year to be near the equator.]

Before Brad decided to go to Uganda, I had no idea where it was in Africa or that it was close to the equator and the prime meridian. I love how him going there has made me care to learn about Uganda. Did you know it is north of the largest lake in the continent, Lake Victoria and that it’s bordered by the Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania? I didn’t, but I know very little when it comes to geography.

From Google Maps

From Google Maps

Today/Yesterday (depending on your time zone) they traveled from the capital to Bugiri. They passed some cornfields on the way, as well as some rice and sugar cane fields too. They will sleep and eat in Bugiri and travel each day to Kayango to work primarily on getting a building foundation poured.

From Google Maps

From Google Maps and sorry about the contradiction of “remote nearby.” The village they are working in is actually similar in size to our Nebraska village and is 6-8 miles from Bugiri.


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