Twitter and Boda Boda Stories

I’m conquering my fear and telling you that I am now on twitter. Why do you I fear telling you that? Because you might think twitter is dumb, I have only tweeted twice, and you’ll think I’m a Husker sports fanatic if you look at who I follow on twitter. It feels pointless to tweet to only six followers, and I don’t know who else to follow. Please help me with both of those things if you’re able.

I joined twitter because I see it as an easy way to share tiny town Nebraska news. If you’re into twitter, you can find me at @smalltownNE. If you’re not into twitter and don’t want to miss out on tiny town Nebraska news, you can always just click on the “Sign Me Up” button on the right and you won’t miss a post.

I will make no promises on the frequency of my tweeting, but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.

Now for the story behind my second tweet. “Just talked to Brad in Uganda-He was on a boda going to pick up a 16yr old who yesterday walked 3 hrs to and from work for a days wage of $2”

Brad and James rented boda boda (Ugandan motorcycle) for the week. Apparently having a license for such things is completely unnecessary. Monday at around 4pm a Ugandan teenage boy named James who was working for them said he needed to leave to head home. He had to leave early because it took him three hours to walk home! He’d left from home at four that morning! Brad and James offered to take him home on the boda, so Brad, James and James all rode together on the boda to take James home. I am told three people on a boda is completely normal.

When I talked to Brad last night, it was morning there and he was heading out on the boda to go pick up the Ugandan James. He was hoping he would find his home since it was somewhat off the beaten path and that he wouldn’t cause James to fall off. Brad hasn’t perfected his boda driving skills and the roads contain many wash outs.

This morning when talking to Brad about his day I asked if he had given James a ride without knocking off the boda. He said, “Yes, but…” Then he told me what had happened with the boda that day.

Brad drove two Ugandan workers out to a truck to help load it with rock. He hit some sand, the tires went funny, and he laid the boda over. The Ugandans bailed before it tipped and had a good laugh at Brad. Amazingly no one was hurt at all! I thank God for that.

I’m not the best story teller but these events are very humorous to me when I picture them happening to Brad over in Africa. I hope you can enjoy in spite of my story telling skills.


4 thoughts on “Twitter and Boda Boda Stories

    • Well I’ll be happy to follow you and can’t wait to see your first tweet. I’m still trying to figure out the “rules” about what is socially acceptable to tweet. For now it just links automatically to my posts, and I think it is very handy for stalking people (in an uncreepy way of course).


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