While Daddy Was Away…

…the children played in the snow.

IMG_6827IMG_6828Brad’s son (I guess he’s my son too.) rocked the baby, fed it a bottle and read it a book all at the same time.  IMG_6829Brad’s daughter (I guess she’s my daughter too.) pretended to be a dog. IMG_6831Thankfully she wasn’t a dog the whole time Daddy was away.

We conquered typical life tasks for the most part, but we also took a road trip to this beautiful spot in Nebraska, which is made even more beautiful by the people who live there. IMG_6849I’m extra thankful for some people God has placed in my life, and Jailyn is one of those people. She is a true kindred spirit. We have similar moving to the farm stories and relate on many fronts.

IMG_6845She could probably teach me a thing or two about putting on some makeup, and I clearly need Brad to come home because I can’t even fully open my eyes for a picture. On our road trip my children demonstrated character flaws and enjoyed playing outside on a beautiful January day.


While Brad was away, I did less laundry and less cooking. I also read more than normal. Let me tell you about the non fiction book I finished.

Title (link to where you can buy the book that benefits me nothing): One Call Away: Answering Life’s Challenges with Unshakable Faith
Author: Brenda Warner
Published: 2011 by Thomas Nelson
Genre: Autobiography or as it says on the book’s cover, “a memoir”
What I gained from reading it: I learned a lot about Brenda Warner and her family and saw how God can restore a life that seems ruined.
What I liked:  I found Brenda’s story to be completely captivating and had no trouble finishing this non fiction book in less than a week. You can never argue with a personal testimony; and Brenda is very real, honest, and introspective with her testimony. Pictures are included in the book, which I really liked; but I still had to go internet stalk the Warners to find more pictures after I finished reading. The book only makes you want to know them more and to read their other book, First Things First. I don’t know if her story was more interesting to me because I have had an interest in Kurt Warner ever since Brad told me he was Christian; but even if you don’t know who Kurt Warner is I think you’d enjoy reading this book.
I’m not sure if this is what I liked or what I wasn’t sure about, but Brenda just writes her story and leaves it at that. She doesn’t make an effort to encourage you to change anything about your life. If you’re an introspective reader, you could easily learn from her story and want to make a change in your life. For example, after talking about how she tried to find answers about her parents death she writes on page 220,

“For a long time I called out to God for answers to all my questions. When I finally accepted that not every question I had would be answered and that not having answers wouldn’t be a deal breaker for my faith, I started to see God in new ways. God was — and is — bigger than all of my questions. And he is with me, even when the questions remain.”

She made me think it might not be so bad to have six children, but I’m guessing that will be a fleeting thought.
What I wasn’t sure about: I’m hesitant to be critical of someone who did such a nice job of writing their story, so take don’t take my following thoughts as a criticism but just as my thoughts. I kept waiting to read more about how Jesus has impacted her life. She doesn’t hide the fact that He is part of her life, but I wanted to read more about what He really means to her. I think the book would be very nonthreatening to a someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus, and I’m just trying to sort through whether that is a positive or negative.
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4.7


2 thoughts on “While Daddy Was Away…

  1. Hi Julie,
    I loved the quote you left as I too have some unanswered questions but like this lady, I am learning not to ask why but just to know deep in my heart that if God allows it, then it’s okay and I need to just accept it. Something I keep on working on as I “grow up”. I enjoyed your review and I think I’ll get that book and read it. 🙂 Glad your time without Brad is almost over. 🙂 Love you, Joy


    • If you would just stop by, I’d loan you the book. The quote makes me think of what Kay Arthur said in a Bible study I’m doing related to how to figure out why bad things happen even when we know God is able to stop them – “You either trust God or you don’t.”


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