Boda Towing and Bicycles

I’ll get to the real reason of going to Uganda soon, but for now a little story and pictures are easier to post.

Uganda Boda Boda

3 men on a boda boda

3 men on a boda boda

The second week Brad and James were in Uganda a pastor’s conference was going on at their hote. Brad and James each rented a boda boda from pastors at that conference for the week so they could get to and from the construction site. One morning on Brad’s drive to Kayango, he had a boda boda break down. The chain flew off and cracked something.

Brad was stranded on Ugandan road side. He thought he was going to have to push his boda a mile to the construction site, but James came to the rescue. While he was waiting for James someone who knew James was around stopped to keep Brad company, knowing that being a white man sitting alone on the side of the road wasn’t a very safe situation.

James came and they towed a boda with a boda.

IMG_4999They took it to a repair shop and the ticket stating what it would cost to fix it had super glue on it. They thought the $40 part was too expensive. James told them to get the part and the $40 part would be covered.

The other popular form of transportation in this part of Uganda is bicycles.

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