Holy Significance

I have at least one other Uganda related story; but in case you want a break from Uganda talk, I have a question for you.

The following saying is a paraphrase of Beth Moore from the Faithful, Abundant, True Bible Study.

God made us all long for significance. We must find it in a holy passion.

Considering my “holy passion” has made me very curious about other people’s holy passions. Do you have something God’s given you to do that makes you feel significant? Do you have a holy passion? Should we need something we actually do that makes us feel significant, or should we just be content to find our significance solely in the fact God sees us as His children and friends?

“We were created in the image of God, and there’s something in us, something deep in the human soul, that needs to matter. If we don’t make the discovery in truth, we will twist off and find a way to be significant in some way that is unholy and carnal and most likely deceptive in one form or another. That’s how much we need it. That’s how much we yearn for it.” -Beth Moore in Faithful, Abundant, True

I’d love to hear your thoughts and passions.

On a similar vein, consider reading about being Equipped for a Purpose.


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