Wishing On Willows

Title (link to where you can buy the book, which benefits me nothing): Wishing on Willows, sequel to Wildflowers from Winter
Author: Katie Ganshert – follow the link for an interesting look into the book
Published:  Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers, who so freely and kindly sent me this book to review – For sale starting March 19, 2013
Genre: Christian Romance
Plot: A single mother, coffee shop owner, widow verses a developer
Setting: present day in a small farm town in Iowa, not to be mistaken for a village like in which I dwell
What I gained from reading it: Two days of pleasant entertainment – I honestly read this book in only two days!
What I liked: This novel felt more like a true story than other fiction I’ve read. It felt like Ganshert created characters after people she knew, like the grandfather who would eat garlic whole and the tractor loving three year old boy. You could easily tell Ganshert has a young boy of her own by the way she writes about the main character and her three year old son. I found the plot development and resolution in Wishing on Willows to be excellent.

I also appreciate that you can read this book without reading Wildflowers from Winter. You might have more background on some of the characters if you read the first book before the second, but you won’t feel lost in the second book if you have not read the first. That being said, if you read Wishing on Willows first you may really want to read Wildflowers from Winter, and I don’t recommend reading the second before the first.
What I wasn’t sure about: My copy of the book had a few glaring typos. I’m guessing they were in my book because it was an advanced reading copy and hopefully they won’t be in the copy you find to read
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4.8

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I'm blogging to glorify God by educating you about farming and telling you what God's doing in my life in the small (we're talking village) town in which I live.

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