Farming On the 5’s

If you read this blog only to find out what a Nebraska farmer is doing, I’m sorry about the lack of information along those lines lately.  My farmer hasn’t been farming other than going to a couple of trainings and thinking about getting ready for planting. If we had cattle, I’d have a completely different story. Brad has electrical work and that keeps him busy enough.

He also has a bathroom to remodel. We’ve had the new cupboards and counter top for this bathroom sitting in our bedroom since some time last summer. Brad FINALLY felt like he had a weekend he could devote to starting this project.

This weekend he worked on one wall of the bathroom. To start with it had a shower next to a big whirlpool type tub. It was hard to get a full picture of, but here’s what we have for before shots.

IMG_6903 IMG_6884

We’re changing it to a tub/shower next to our washer and dryer and, of course, adding some lights.


IMG_6949 IMG_6951


How it looks now:


I’m optimistic it will be a while before I post the completely finished project. Until then, you can know if my farmer isn’t farming or wiring, he’s remodeling.

I suggested  we put our names on a contractor’s list for our next remodel project, whatever that may be, so Brad doesn’t have to give entire weekends to remodeling and so I don’t have to start wondering if he’s in Uganda again. He heartily agreed.


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