Construction on the school in Uganda is continuing!
Snapshot_20130228_8If you think of it, please be praying for all involved with getting this school started. Much prayer is needed!

I sometimes wonder if my prayer matters, but just yesterday I heard of two incredible answers to prayer. One of those was that my cousin, Daron, received good news! Let’s keep praying many more positive reports from the doctors will be coming his way and for continued healing.

I appreciate you prayer warriors!


3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Just prayed for Daron today – I wondered how he was doing. Thinking about our purpose in life…for me today it has been loving on my grandkids – (Patty’s little ones) I guess I’d have to say that if nothing else I want them to grow up knowing their grandma loves them and somehow – for today at least – that’s enough. I will probably never change the world, but I can pray for people and also love someone today – and hopefully that makes a difference. 🙂 Love you Julie girl.


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