Miracle For Jen

Miracle for JenTitle (links to the book’s website, which has a .pdf of the first chapter): Miracle for Jen: A Tragic Accident, a Mother’s Desperate Prayer, and Heaven’s Extraordinary Answer
Author: Linda Barrick (Jen’s Mother) hopeoutloud.com
Published: 2012 by Tyndale, who provided me with a copy of this book to review for free!
Genre: True Story, Christian Living
What I gained from reading it: This book seemed to have just the things I was needing to hear. I was very encouraged by the Barricks’ story and what they have learned through the trials in their life.
What I liked: I liked a lot about Miracle for Jen, but I think what I appreciate the most is how it shows us how our view of success is so different from God’s view of success. He wants us to be walking closely with Him and anything standing in the way of that doesn’t bring us the true joy we’re needing. I have ten different pages marked with quotes I thought worthy of sharing. I’ll try and narrow it down to the ones that meant the most to me so you can get a taste of the powerful message in this book, then you’ll have to read the book for yourself to get all the ones I didn’t share.

“…I realized that at the root of our greatest fear is often something we love more than God.” (page 157)

“...our story isn’t the story of a car accident. Our story is the story of God’s grace and the working out of His perfect will in our lives….It’s the story of giving up the dreams I had for the reality I have. It’s the story of celebrating the over flowing blessings God has given me rather than mourning what I’ve lost. It’s the story of resting in the Lord and finding contentment in my life today.” (page 203) Who else can relate to that?

“…no matter what happens in this life, the one thing that can never be taken away is our salvation and love relationship with the Lord.” (page 227-8)
What I wasn’t sure about: Miracle for Jen is a very detailed account of the Barrick’s car accident and what has happened since then. To some people it may be more detail than they care to read. I would’ve been happy to have even more detail about Jen’s speech/language therapy, but that’s probably just me.
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4.8

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