Farming on the 5’s – Lamb Fry Edition

Brad’s day today included texturing the new drywall in the bathroom, electrical work and a fundraiser for the fire department known as “the smoker.”

From what I gather, tobacco is not involved – just lamb fries and LOTS of them.

Last night the fire department skinned them and sliced the lamb testicle. I thought they’d be rather small to need slicing, but Brad said they are larger than a kiwi but smaller than an apple.

Today the crew got together in the middle of the afternoon to bread and fry the things. I took warm cookies after they’d been at it for two hours so I could take some pictures. I didn’t think showing up just to take pictures while they all worked would encourage positive feelings toward me.

Here’s the process:

The sliced lamb testicles are spread out on a grate to dry off a little.

raw lamb fries

Then each little thing is dipped in an egg mixture and dunked in a cornmeal mixture. breading lamb fries 2

breading lamb fries

If you couldn’t tell for sure, this is Brad hard at work.

Next they’re fried. This is one of the four pots of oil waiting to fry the fries.

deep frying lamb friesFinally, people try them. They must like them too because these firemen have breaded and fried massive amounts of lamb today.

His face doesn’t show it, but Wyatt gave the “chicken nuggets” a positive review. lamb fry


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