The Sky Beneath My Feet Review

The Sky Beneath My Feet

Title (link to where you can buy the book, which benefits me nothing): The Sky Beneath  My Feet
Author: Lisa Samson
Published: 2013 by Thomas Nelson who provided me with a copy of this book to review through Booksneeze
Genre: Thought Provoking Christian Fiction
Plot: Woman/Pastor’s Wife/Mom vs. Life (sort of)
Setting: present day in Lutherville, a small city on the East Coast
What I gained from reading: a broadened view of Christian fiction – This may be the most unique work of Christian fiction I’ve ever read. It was unique but it ends up to be thought provoking with sayings like “What I needed wasn’t something I could take. What I needed was something I could give.” (page 240 of my electronic copy)
What I liked: The Sky Beneath My Feet is witty, sometimes sarcastic, humorous and very real. “…we keep our opinions to ourselves, and we certainly don’t yell about them. Or if we do, we only yell at the ones who love us and know us best, the ones least able to hear a word we say.” (page 48) The book has a deep sense to it; if you asked a group for the book’s theme, I expect you’d get a variety of answers. It briefly touches on many topics and heavily touches on a several as well.

One example of the humor in this book is how the author described one of the book clubs the main character, Beth, attends. Beth refers to the book club as the Bodice Rippers. “Yes, there are plenty of bodices in the books these ladies choose, along with corsets, bustles, and bonnets, bur rarely does any of that dainty lace get ripped. Instead the invariably strong-willed heroines keep their Brinks-level chastity belts locked tight. They find God and they get their man.” (page 126)
What I wasn’t sure about: It isn’t until very late in the book that you figure out what the point is of all the strange events described in chapters titled like “Rent-A-Mob” and “Desert Father.” I never wanted to quit reading, but at time I just wondered what in the world the point of it all was. Anyone ever feel that way about their own life? If you can get past the funky of this book, you’ll see how it all comes together for a purpose and that “…all of us are players in a drama we had no idea was being performed.” (page 239)
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4.9 It’s a pretty high ranking for me. I just loved the tone of the book and the overall message. A different Lisa Samson novel, Quaker Summer, was Christianity Today‘s Novel of the Year in 2008. I don’t doubt it was well deserved.

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