Farming on the 5’s

It’s March 25th. Time to talk about what a certain farmer did for the day. My farmer did some of the following:

-Went to a 5:30 am meeting about Uganda.
-Hauled 4 tanks full of Anhydrous Ammonia to another farmer’s field
-Started up his new gas powered air compressor
-Spent the first few of many hours cleaning up his new-to-him building.

Here are a few pictures of his building.

I could refer to it as our building; but I prefer to keep is as his alone, at least until it’s clean and I can send over loads of things to store in it.


2 thoughts on “Farming on the 5’s

  1. Hey – he got his building! That’s exciting! Hopefully there will be a corner where you can stash stuff . . . it’s amazing how much just a little extra space will make your house seem so much bigger. (At least that’s been my experience.)


    • or a garage – I currently look at a crib every time I pull into ours. I’ve been thinking we could also have a skating rink and basketball court for a short time between getting it cleaned and filling it with stuff.


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