We went to a branding yesterday. More pictures to come but for now this pair.

This cow was MAD about being separated from her calf and very relieved to be reunited. She kept licking its little face. It was about as sweet at a cow can get.
Reunited after Branding Matching Cow and Calf


5 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Someone was telling me another ‘sweet’ cow thing as well just the other day. When weaning the calf, they cannot take the mom away from the baby because the mom will do whatever she can to get back to the baby and they will be forever having to fix fence and chase the cow. But if you take the baby away from the mom she will stay where she was last with her baby. I don’t know exactly how true this is, but it was from someone who raised cattle so I am assuming it is fairly accurate.


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