The Stories Behind the Tweets

If you happened to miss it a while ago (like my very own brother did), I have joined the world of Twitter. I find it a very enjoyable world. Here are a couple of stories behind some recent tweets.

If you aren’t on twitter, you would’ve missed this twitpic.

7120 ride

On Sunday, I tweeted a congrats to the runners of the Lincoln Marathon. If you ever get to go be a part of this fabulous Nebraska event as a participant or spectator, you will not be disappointed! We knew many participants, but we especially went to cheer on my sister and brother. my siblings

It was Luke’s first half marathon and one of many for JIll. They both ran their personal best and finished strong. We’re so proud of them and are now praying for their healing and recovery.

Some were more excited than others about cheering for the runners.

marathon watchersI was so excited, I couldn’t even get Luke’s head in the picture.

IMG_0086We’re all looking forward to the 2014 Lincoln Half Marathon!

If you saw my tweet about watching our friend’s horse foal last night, here are pictures about an hour after it was born. I took a few screen shots during the intense moments of four people pulling this adorable filly out, but apparently they didn’t save. 😦 I’m very disappointed I can’t show those to you.

1 hour old phillynew foal


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