Memories of Our Mom

My mom continues to be a great mom, but Mother’s Day made me start trying to remember what I remember of her from my childhood. I’ve decided I have a pathetic memory, but I do have a few fond memories and I enlisted the help of my siblings.

photo(6)Here’s what we remember about our mom from when we were kids…

She could cut up a whole chicken and make chicken and rice with great crunchies around the edges of the pan.

We went on many walks around the block together and bike rides around the neighborhood.

She read the Readers Digest or Guidepost aloud while I sat right next to her on the couch.

She had to figure out what to do with her screaming son in the Wal-Mart check out line. Even back then it was terrible place to be.

She canned beans and tomatoes and dilly beans.

She would braid my hair during church when I’d put my head in her lap.

She was never crabby.

She left us a list of things to do on the summer days when we were home and she was working.

She taught us all to cook. It was amazing how much better she could mix cake batter or cookie dough than us and she didn’t even have to follow the recipe exactly.

She patiently taught her girls to sew.

She always could whip up a wacky cake when company was coming at last minute notice.

She played flute and we’d sing around the piano.
She helped with AWANA.

She didn’t complain as far as we can remember.

She modeled by her actions more than her words.

Never whined about or bad mouthed Dad.

She did have moments of sadness, one of which was at the funeral of her infant son, Jay. At his funeral we sang Great is Thy Faithfulness.  Looking back we see it as such a testament to trusting in God despite the pain.

I remember making her cry because I was such a rude teenager to her.

We all will never let her forget when she yelled “Whoop Whoop!” at one of Luke’s basketball games for everyone to hear.

We have great reason to rise up and call her blessed.

Keep an eye on the comments because we may think of more memories to add. I’d love to hear memories you have of your mom and/or some you have of mine!

8 thoughts on “Memories of Our Mom

  1. thanks for the fun memories. Makes me smile. I really was crabby but glad it wasn’t on the top of memories. I think of ALL the trips to church and school. I am very very blessed to have fantastic kids. Love, Mom


    • I know we went to church and school A LOT, but I seriously can’t remember you driving. At the same time, I do remember riding with Hatie, Arlan and Carla. Isn’t that strange?


  2. This was really SWEET Julie!!! If your mom was ever crabby I sure never saw it. 🙂 Janet you have always been a blessing to anyone who knew you. Such a blessing to have your kids recognize all you did and still do for them!! I love that you remember her canning Julie! I was planting beans last night grumbling to myself about what I know is ahead with those innocent little seeds and wondering why in the world I’m still gardening!! I decided….because that’s what mom’s do! HA!! So fun to read this Julie – thanks for sharing it! 🙂 Love, Joy


  3. How could I forget to mention going to the grocery store? Mom wouldn’t let us get cereal if sugar was one of the first two ingredients, and if she spent more than $100 for two weeks of groceries she had to figure out why she spent so much. It’s no wonder I have to look through my entire receipt after I get groceries.


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