Farming on the 5’s

It’s planting season. Brad’s on his third full week of planting and is about 3/4 done. He has already finished with his irrigated and dry land corn and planted some for another farmer. Today he started planting for another farmer. He should be done planting in less than a week, unless God answers our prayers for more rain.

I was in the “big city” today, so I did my version of bringing food to the field. It was hot and ready when I bought it, and I think he still enjoyed it by the time we got it to the field an hour and a half later.

Pizza during corn plantingThankfully he was in a rush to get back to planting. The bucket of ice cream I bought over an hour and a half ago needed to find a freezer.

I did snap one quick picture of the dead coyote in the field before I left. I took the howling of his living relatives I heard just one minute ago as a sign I needed to show it to you. For all the ranchers who read this blog:

dead coyoteYou think Brad will just plant right over that? I’m not sure how his trash whippers are going to handle those bones.


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