3 Ag Links

A college friend wrote a very nice piece about their Nebraska branding. I like her pictures too!

My cousin brought this Ann Voskamp article about her planting season experiences to my attention.  I like it for several reasons. 1. It makes me glad Brad’s planting hours are more 6ish-8:30ish, since he doesn’t like to plant in the dark. 2. She describes her husband and son digging in the ground to check for the seed. Brad and Elliana did that together once this year. I didn’t get to witness it, but Voskamp’s description makes me feel like I did. 3. The post has several great points. Here’s one… “Be still and know He is God. And once you know He is God… how can you not let other people know? Experience Him? Know. Him? There’s simplicity for a soul: Stilling. Knowing. Then Going.”

Here’s an informative post that tells you the average cost of corn planting! Yikes!

Side note: I went by the irrigated corn Brad planted and it’s up!


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