The Rest of the Outing

We were just supposed to be going to check on two or three corn fields. Somehow that ended up taking most of the morning.

We had to take a picture of the building for the insurance company.

Farm Building

We had to stop and wait for Brad and brother #3 to discuss fertilizer trailers’ hoses. Apparently all are not the same, which is an annoyance to them.

talking farmer brothers

Then we checked how the corn was growing, but we ended up conveniently being a few minutes away from the bins and brother #2’s home, where the brothers were congregating to return their leftover seed.

Brad had to pick up something at the bins and thought it’d be fun to show the kids the bird’s nest at the top of the bin. After carrying Wyatt all the way to the top, he was glad when Elliana chickened out half way to the top. Nothing quite like carrying 40 pounds up a ladder.High Bird Nest

Then our final stop included all sorts of things. The farmers did more talking and moving of seed pallets

farmer talk

seed pallets

while we checked on the cousin’s 4-H sheep and cattle.

4H Sheep 4H cattle

It’s like we were planning to just go to the grocery store, but also ended up stopping at Target, Runza, and Earl May.


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