Land Request

A blog reader and friend noticed my lack of blog material of late and suggested I write a post requesting prayer for them. It was said in jest, but it’s actually a request that might be informative for those of you not familiar with our part of the country.

This family moved here four years ago and rent farm ground; but they can’t find a place they want to buy as their home or a place to build a home. They’re house sitting now, but the timer is ticking for when the owner of the house will return.

You would think with all the land around here and the lack of people that this wouldn’t be a problem, but it is; and not just for them.

Farmers don’t sell farm ground just so someone can build a house, land sales aren’t a frequent occurrence, and it’s best not to have to live extremely far from the land you’re farming. In top of that, there’s not a lot of homes in general; so it’s not like checking the real estate listings everyday is going to help anything. Then if something does come up for sale, you have to pray you’re not bidding against someone with unlimited resources.

That’s what we deal with out here. FYI.


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