Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist

It’s been a while, but I am still reading. I was supposed to post about this book during the first two weeks of May. Clearly, I’m a failing perfectionist.


Title: Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist (Learning To Be Free)
Author: Amanda Jenkins
Published: 2013 by Tyndale, who so freely and kindly sent me this book to review
Genre: Christian Living
What I gained from reading it: I didn’t feel hit over the head with any shocking new concepts when reading this, but I found all of it to be very insightful. Overall, I feel more encouraged to be more at rest in God, encouraged to live free in Him.

I really liked her chapter on our testimony. We feel if we’re going to share our testimony that we need to do it perfectly, so we don’t share it like we should. In reality we have so many opportunities where we can give God credit for what He’s done in our lives. We just need to do it!

I have also been reminded of her chapter titled “Diet Coke.” I don’t drink Diet Coke, but my equivalent chapter would probably be titled “Call the Midwife” or “Dark Chocolate.”

What I liked: This book is so easy to relate to. Get this – she says in diary format to start her Relationships chapter “Resolve to spend quality time with my husband after the kids go to bed, while also folding laundry and watching the season premiere of 24.” (p. 33) That’s exactly what I do! We’re done with 24, but I always fold laundry while spending “quality time” with Brad in front of the TV after the kids to go bed! I am not alone! That chapter ends with this great concept, “I want to be thankful for my loved ones every day, and I want to love them well. But I also want to hold them loosely, knowing that God is enough, should He ever have to actually be.” (p. 43)

Jenkins paints a clear and very real picture of the bondage we have in each of the areas she addresses, talks through the difficulty of letting go, and then helps you see why doing things God’s way is best. She backs up her points with scripture and real life experiences. You end each chapter ready to change.

You can read an excerpt from her chapter title “Obedience” on her blog. I like the paragraph that starts with “I was. Still am.” I enjoy her other blog posts as well.
What I wasn’t sure about: I was expecting a lot of funny stories about a raging perfectionist, someone with severe OCD; but that’s not really what the book is. The parentheses part of the title (Learning To Be Free) is what you’ll learn from reading this book. At times the chapters seemed long to me, but the content in them is all good.
My Overall Rating (5 point scale): 4

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