When you spend a beautiful afternoon at the lake, all you have time to post is a picture of Rebecca, the only animal I’ve ever considered actually wanting to have as a pet.

Dwarf GoatMore pictures to come.


6 thoughts on “Rebecca

      • Ummm…I was actually thinking that your dream of owning a goat made MY dream of a donkey look less ludicrous! šŸ™‚ But at least a Rebecca would give milk. A donkey does nothing profitable EXCEPT-a ray of hope- I heard recently that they hate coyotes and will not tolerate them. I don’t know if that helps so much if the donkey is in a pen…? I just know i was disturbed three times last night by the horrid things. In our yard, they were!


    • I don’t think I can find truth in that jest. Sadie may possibly be the reason I don’t want a dog now. The only thing I really remember about her is you yelling at her to be quiet.


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