Farming on the 5’s

Brad’s doing some farming on this 25th day of June, but I’ll tell you about what we did last night. I have pictures to go along with that.

Elliana was doing something fun, so Brad thought I should join him and Wyatt for quality time instead of trying to get something done at home.

Our first stop was the turtle in the road. This guy could move much faster than any other turtle I’ve seen.

Nebraska turtleThen we stopped at the dry land, which thanks to some God given rain isn’t dry! It looks rather nice. We pulled up right here and since I’m such a good farmer’s wife, I didn’t know for sure what field was Brad’s. I was so relieved when he said his was the field on the right.

Different corn fieldsThe purpose of his trip was to put flags out where he planted some trial seed, to see if the planter was planting the number of seeds it was told to, and to see if we could tell any difference in the corn where he planted different varieties and different amounts.

Just like DadWyatt learned to walk with the rows instead of crossing them and he picked a corn.

"Was this one ready to be picked?!"

“Was this one ready to be picked?!”

Brad marked off a certain number of inches and they counted how many plants were within that range. This was a perfect Wyatt activity, but he had to give me his corn plant so he could count.

Counting Corn

IMG_7559This corn has grown a lot since the last time I posted pictures of it, which was almost a month ago! We needed to get home, but the irrigated corn is even taller than this dry land.

In case you’ve forgotten we grow wheat around here, here’s a picture of how it looked last night.

June WheatI don’t really have it in my mind yet that summer means wheat harvest, but it will be here before I know it.


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